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May Day in Fenix

June 2 @ 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM EDT

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Barony of Fenix Invites You To May Day In Fenix

June 2, 2018   9 am to 9 pm

East Fork State Park
Turkey Ridge Shelter, 3294 Elklick Road
Tate Township, Ohio 45106

Adult Day Registration (18+): $15
Adult Day Member Discount Registration (18+): $10
Child Day Registration (6-17): $5
Child Day Registration (0-5): Free
Family Cap Registration: $30

May Day is an Annual event held by the Barony of Fenix. Due to scheduling conflicts, it is held the first weekend of June this year. Tentative schedule is below.

Due to site restrictions, Archery will not be featured at this event.

Schedule is tentative:
9 am – Troll opens
10 am – Fighting/classes begin
12 pm – Lunch tavern opens / lunch break
1 pm – Fighting/classes resume
5 pm – Pre-court snacks served
6 pm – Royal Court (or at Their Majesties’ pleasure)

Here is the tentative A&S class schedule so far:
1pm – Pickup Weaving by Lady Rose de la Cumbe
2pm – Understanding and Using Hand Saws by Lord Wilhelm von Glier
3pm – Making Award Medallions by Octoris

There will be prizes for the tournaments, including the Gold and Silver Roses for chivalry and prowess.

If you are interested in teaching a class, please contact Amy Glier.
We are currently still seeking a Rapier Marshal-In-Charge for the event.

A note on directions. The address will take you to the park itself and the main office. When you come in, and reach the office, please keep going and you will see the sign for our area on the right. If you reach the lake you’ve gone too far. Of course it will be easier to find with the SCA signs! Or enter the following pin in Google Maps: https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fgoo.gl%2Fmaps%2FiGo8jycF6QR2&h=ATPNXgNxKWqBrV0-C7n5yPlx6nalkX-H4V_t39hrQ4xBktDRASKlrenyQH64GhRZPnqLmZ6r-50xu3eFGjzR76FNtpNJT9fE23GpQMYTTP13uPGsTXR6MowcaPuwtG3E&s=1

Event Stewards: Mughain nic Cairt Ciannact, Frigga Viljhalmirsdottir
Rachel Blackburn ~ rachelr.blackburn@gmail.com ~ 502-303-4452

Site is an Ohio State Park, therefore DRY.

Link to sign up for a shift at gate/troll: https://signup.com/client/invitation2/secure/2298627/false#/invitation

The following was pasted from a discussion of the tournament, planned by Sir Amaranth: (Please note: these are a work in progress, subject to change)

As Marshal in Charge at May Day this year, I plan of having a William Marshal style ransom tourney, and then melees based upon the siege of Antioch.

This year we will celebrate the 799th year since the death of William Marshal. The spirit of the day is to replicate the tourneys of the 12th and 13th centuries during the time of The Marshal. William Marshal served 4 kings, and has been considered by many to be the greatest knight who ever lived. Next year will be the 800th anniversary of his death. I volunteered to sponsor for May Day a William Marshal style ransom tourney since this is the 25th year since my elevation into the Order of the Chivalry.

The tourney I have in mind will have combatants on teams of 3-5, to be determined based on how many we have show up. You don’t have to bring a team, which can be formed on the spot. Ransoms will be collected individually, when an opponent is bested. Each team will have a base. Any bested fighter will “captured” and have to be returned to that base. Ransoms may be collected later, at the end of each round. You will have 30 seconds after besting an opponent to “capture” them. If you are attacked by their teammates on the way to your base, they may run away. So collecting the ransom on a bested opponent is not a sure thing. It will require teamwork to return your captured fighter to your base.

Ransoms can be anything. A sword length of rattan. Bottles of home brew. A pouch. Etc. Payment to be negotiated between combatants. Ransoms buy your continued participation in any round. Ransoms should be commiserate with rank.

A modest guide to where to get Ransom-
Galloglass Brasses (the guy who makes the awesome Marshal effigies)
Raymond’s quiet press
Feed the Ravens
Fire Horse Pottery
Billy & Charlie’s
The Practical Viking
Blood and Iron jewellery
Drogo’s Forge
By my hand
Eirny’s Artisan Jewelry, The Treasury
Longship Trading!
Thorson’s Hammer
Auntie arwen’s

As for rules, I am working on coming up with rules appropriate for the age of William Marshal.

First would be to favor wearers of chainmail, and a closed face great helm. The armor of the day. So, it would take 3 counted blows to best this armor with a sword.
If you are wearing hidden armor, so that it looks like you are wearing a tunic, it will be treated as having the protection of a tunic. A single hit will disable you.
Weapons must have a profile or a head of a medieval weapon (no unpadded polearms).
Great sword weapons must be under 5 feet.
9 foot Spears are fine.
Face thrusts will kill an opponent with an open face helm (no Ransom).

Some ideas:
1)To have hits with a polearm count as good with a single shot on anyone. Chainmail or not.
2) Four or five short rounds (10-15 min. Depending on how many combatants
3)The prizes be handed out after the last round
4)Landless Combatants- each round people without Ransom may join in. To be marked with a distinct color of cloth around the arm. Once these combatants are bested they are cannot return to combat.

Let me know what you think. Nothing is set in stone. But this is my line of thinking for now. Much of this is stolen from the ideas of others. But I like it.

These are the rules for the William Marshal Tournament at Pennsic. For comparison. [Amaranth has made it clear he wants fewer restrictions; these are subject to change.]

Last years rules, there will be some adjustment:
All SCA authorization, armor and weapons standards apply to the tournament.
All combatants must conform to the weapon and Armour Standards of the tournament.
The tournament will consist of three rounds of melee 15 minutes each with 5 minute break between. To hydrate or settle ransoms, obtain.
1)No visible plastic
Including and not limited to baskets Hilts
2) No visible sneakers or modern Footwear (IE Crocs)
3) Armour should be from 1000-1250. Surcoats highly recommended
4) Middle Eastern and European armor only.
No Japanese, Chinese, ect.
Weapon restrictions:
1)no flamboyant of duct tape (IE Hello Kitty duct tape)
2) polearms are six feet and under. Must have a head or a proper profile (Subject to approval). IE no unpadded polearms
3) Shields must be painted, heraldry recommended.(don’t take this as a personal challenge, this is also subject to approval)
4) Spears, daggers, axes, maces and greatswords are welcome. No Madous (sp),
Combat and Ransom
All normal SCA combat rules apply. Example- telling blow to limbs loss of the limb
TEAMS- to be chosen at the beginning of the tournament. We will attempt to make the sides even and fair. As well attempt to keep whole units together. Changing of sides is permitted.

RANSOMING- once killed combatant takes a knee. And counts to 30 (this does not have to be out loud).
1) is escorted by opposing team to the Resurrection point for Ransom.
2) time runs out and they return to their own Resurrection point to resurrect.
3) Closed face helmet ignore face thrusts.

How the Ransom works
There will be two people on either side to record the ransoms. Suggested Ransom is between $5 – $20 in value and should be fitting of one station. The terms must be agreed upon by both parties.
Eleanor Aquitaine Claus: a member of the gallery can provide Ransom and is encouraged to do so. Especially if you deem the combatant Worthy.


June 2
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM


East Fork State Park
3294 Elklick Road
Tate Township, Ohio 45106 United States
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