Baron and Baroness of Fenix

Sir Angus Von Atzinger and Mistress Melisande de Canonwald are the 6th Baron and Baroness of Fenix.

As the representatives of the Crown in this area, we take our responsibilities greatly to heart.

We want to see the Barony and all its residents prosper.

We hope to foster the talents and abilities of all the Barony, so we can be a shining jewel of the Midrealm.

Baron Angus and Baroness Melisande

(John and Stephanie Drummonds)

5314 Lilibet Court

Cincinnati, OH  45238

513-922-0064 (no calls after 9PM please)




The Officers of Fenix

Baronial Seneschal
Lord Wilhelm von Glier
Seneschal Email
THL Elspeth Clerk
(Becky Becker)
Signet Email
Lord Alexander Thorfinnson
Chatelaine Email
Dorran of Glochester
(Glen Kowalski)
Chronicler Email
Lord Alanus de Bannockburn
(Wayne Blackburn)
Exchequer Email
Heraldic Pursuivant
Reinhold von Glier
Herald Email
Sir Thorfinn Bearbrother
(Fred Hermann)
Webminister Email
Minister of Arts & Sciences
Baroness Sarnat ingen Chormeicc
MOAS Email
Heavy Marshal
Baron Hengist Hawardessune
(Keith Howard)
Heavy Marshal Email
Rapier Marshal
Lord Gabriel DeBurgh
Rapier Marshal Email
Archery Marshal
Archery Marshal Email
Thrown Weapons Marshal

Thrown Marshal Email
**Deputy Needed**
Equestrian Marshal
Equestrian Marshal Email


Fenix Baronial Champions

Heavy Fighting Champion – Baron Hengist Hawardessune
Rapier Fighting Champion – James Ashbourne (formerly James of Fenix)
Archery Champion – Lord Alanus de Bannockburn
Youth Archery Champion – Lady Matilda
Thrown Weapons Champion – Baron Hengist Hawardessune
Equestrian Champion – Vacant
Youth Combat Champion – Hayley von Glier
Youth A&S Champion: Jonathan von Glier
A&S Champion – THL Lynne Fairchild
Bardic Champion – Lady Frigga Viljhalmirsdottir
Gaming Champion – Lady Gianetta