December 2021 Meeting Notes

Meeting was held December 14, 2021 via Zoom

I- Officer Reports

a- Problems with Chatelaine reporting. Seneschal reported for them.

a- Refund checks have been issued for Mini Gulf Equestrian event. Some let us keep as donations
b- Reports in, Oct a little late

a- Website is up and functional! Spoke with kingdom seneschal and webminister and got them the information for basic site. Logins will be given to Baroness and Chronicler
b- A&S officer is moving to An Tir as of next Monday, so new officer needed
c- Possible replacement for seneschal? Waiting on answer.
d- 12th Night will be Tri-Baronial with Flaming Gryphon January 15th. Pre-reg pre-reg pre-reg! There will be a baronial court.
e- Thank you Jessica for the A&S workshop! Lots of fun and productive
f- Dragonsmark will not be doing Candlemas but they are doing an event in April and looking for support staff.
g- Mayday tournament idea (need bids!) of Baroness’ paw. Will work with Flaming Gryphon and Flame for this, if the event happens
h- Their Highnesses are inquiring about Mayday because they want to attend. Bids please!

Archery Marshal: Officer needed

a- We have fighters and fight practices. Had several out of town people come visit yesterday.
b- Will be out of town the next two weeks, but Cavron has offered to step in and be there to unlock the building.

Herald: Not in attendance

a- Had some new fighters arrive for practices!
b- Cavron will be returning!
c- We need rapier gorgets for loaner gear.

A&S: Officer needed

a- Please send me your officer letters for the newsletter by Tuesday the 21st.

a- Nothing to report

Chatelaine: Not in attendance

Social Media Officer
a- Filing reports, but not much going on right now. Mostly monitoring Facebook
b- If there are official event announcements, Social Media Officer or Seneschal need to make the event. These cannot be made by individuals

II- Old Business

III- New Business:
a. New candidate for A&S officer! Jessica. Voting will happen at January meeting
b. Gabriel has offered to step up as Chatelaine

IV- Announcements