January 2022 Meeting Notes

Meeting was held January 11, 2022 via Zoom

I- Officer Reports

a- Report due soon
b- Change in SCA Covid-Safe policy for children who are too young to be vaxxed, don’t need tested or proof of vaxxed
c- Found a replacement! (Need to be voted in)

a- Report in on time
b- Domesday will be interesting trying to get signatures
c- Waiting on final bank statement for 2021

a- This Friday is Fireside chat with Their Majesties and then Ethereal court on Saturday at 3. Please think about attending
b- Looking for location and bids for May Day. Their Highnesses are really really want to come to May Day

Archery Marshal: Officer needed

a- We have not had recent practices due to holidays and illness.
b- Database update completed and sent in on time
c- If you are a heavy fighter and do not have a waiver on file, send it to the clerk of roster

a- Report in on time
b- Do you need or want help with name and heraldry registration? Great time to do it!

a- Report due Feb 1st
b- We have had lots of fighters! Want more!

A&S: Officer needed

a- Newsletter went out end of December

Chatelaine: Officer needed

II- Old Business
a- New A&S Officer voted in. Thank you Jessica!
b- New Chatelaine voted in. Thank you Gabriel!
c- 12th Night Gathering? On hold due to current variant spike. Hoping to get together after this spike.

III- New Business:
a- Johan has volunteered for Seneschal. Nominated, and seconded. To be voted in next meeting
b- Armored marshal suggests suspending practices until next meeting and then will re-evaluate. Rapier marshal agrees. Motion seconded. All agreed. Practices suspended for January
c- RUM is coming up and there are several virtual classes so you can participate if you are not going

IV- Announcements
a- Website is up! Newsletter and Meeting Notes will be posted there as well as Facebook. Working on an Award Recommendations form.

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