April 2022 Meeting Notes

Meeting was held April 12, 2022 via Zoom

I- Officer Reports


a- Jan and Feb reports sent in, regional is looking over for correct.
b- $2,974.30 in bank account. Losing $8 per month because of paper statement, want to switch to digital. Looking over past statements for audit purposes.

a- Registration for Pennsic is open. If camping with the barony, let Angus know your tent size
b- Planning to attend Tournament of the Dragon, Dragon’s Hoard, Coronation, and Crown
c- Painting sheet walls project being planned
d- Please send award recommendations directly to us, still working on the form on the website
e- Report is due at coronation. Please send us your officer reports

a- We have fighters! Monday is going well. Last 2 weeks we have had out of town visitors.
b- Stepping down as heavy marshal. Nominate Onund as replacement (only one to show interest)
c- Lawson is our newest authorized fighter
d- Off of all COVID restrictions. Check database for waiver on file. Your responsibility to check and send in the waiver. Check other kingdoms for covid restrictions if you are traveling.

a- Not much going on right now. Report in on time
b- If you need help with heraldry, I will help where I can.
c- Heraldry is not required, but a fun aspect of the SCA

a- Lots of calibration drills to prepare for fighting season
b- Lull in attendance, like to see more. If you have ANY interest, please attend. We have loaner gear
c- Report due next month

a- Trying to contact Evendale Cultural Arts Center to do Fenix A&S stuff. Baron & Baroness have offered their house for Fenix banner making

a- Want to do an A&S themed newsletter for summer.

Youth marshal:
a- Have not had a youth practice.
b- Will have a youth event at Grand Tournament of the Dragon. Limited hours. Tourney style depends on turnout
c- Youth practice will open up in May once marshal time is freed up

a- Talking to Galladorn for another group practice on May 1st proposed. Please let me know if there are issues with this date

II- Old Business
a- Baron Angus is the new Land agent for Pennsic
b- COVID Safe policy lifted to pre-pandemic norms
c- May Day not being in May, may be fall?

III- New Business:
a- Pennsic registration is open
b- New heavy marshal nominated. Voted and passed. Onund is our new heavy marshal
c- We need a meeting to go through archived paperwork. Currently spread across at least 3 houses. Needs to be consolidated, reviewed, and scanned.

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