July 2022 Meeting Notes

I- Officer Reports

a- Barony status is in good shape. Key officer roles are filled. Thank you all for showing up and participating

a- 1 outstanding check finally went through.
b- Account opened incorrectly, working to fix. Better to switch to Fifth Third bank, same as kingdom?

a- Regarding the email from manager of Boone County Parks: on Aug 6th they are having an event that they are billing as a mini renfaire. We have been invited to do a demo. It is during Pennsic. The manager is a former SCAdian. Chatelaine will reach out to follow up
b- Sunday of Labor Day weekend (Sept 4th) is baronial championships. Heavy, Rapier, Archery, Thrown Weapons champions will be decided.
c- Regarding Pennsic: if you are camping with the barony send tent size NOW. And when you will be arriving. We are arriving Friday of Land Grab and staying all 2 weeks.
d- 12th Night – If anyone is interested in doing a bid, please do so. We want to do a baronial one even if the tri-baronial 12th night happens again.
e- Please send award recommendations in time for Baronial Championships and 12th Night

a- Report was in a day late due to a system error.
b- Want to get sign printed to announce practice for interest of those driving by or in the area

Herald: Not in attendance

a- We have a new fighter, moved from Red Spears
b- Calls from kingdom level officers to get reports in by Pennsic for regional officers sake so they are not trying to do their reports at Pennsic
c- Note added post meeting: I am stepping down at Domesday and looking for a replacement. Please consider stepping up as deputy now to learn the role

A&S: Not in attendance
a- A&S Day on July 16th at Boone County Library

a- With Pennsic coming up, I’d like to include stories and pictures in the next newsletter. Please submit anything you wish. I will send the needed releases. I will send a reminder near the end of August too

a- Been contacted by a library for a demo in November.
b- Baronage received email about a demo in Boone County, will be following up
c- Discussion with local foam group for another joint practice to take place late August, not finalized yet

II- Old Business
a- Thanksgiving gathering:
a. Molly Malone’s gave us link to the event menu for Thanksgiving. Still need to review
b. Also reached out to Pitch as alternative location. $200 deposit that would go towards the bill. Going to go try it and check it out
b- Post Pennsic, looking to get together to go through the archival boxes. Looking at options for where
a. Hypathia’s house
b. Evendale Cultural Center
c. Library

III- New Business: None

IV- Announcements: None

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