September 2022 Meeting Notes

I- Officer Reports

Seneschal: Opening of the meeting

a- Still working on getting bank paperwork transferred
b- Balance for Aug is $2879.30. This does not include the reimbursement for the Pennsic trailer but check has been cashed.
c- Looking to step down in a year. Anyone want to learn the office?

a- Report TRH going will be in before Coronation
b- Demo coming up next weekend at the Cincinnati Comic Expo. It is the same weekend as coronation. We will be there Sunday.
c- Thanks you to all who attended championships. It was a lot of fun despite the rain. Very happy with our new champions.
d- We need 12th Night and May Day bids.

Heavy: Not in attendance, but sent Baron Angus his report
a- Report in on time
b- We need marshals and loaner gear, especially helmets.

Herald: Not in attendance

a- Due to a pattern of unsafe behavior on the list, including but not limited to recorded injury of fighters in the past and, most recently, jumping such that both feet leave the ground and delivering a thrust to someone’s face while in the air, It is appropriate that the authorization of Jonathan Haney, aka Jack of Flaming Gryphon within the SCA, be revoked, and he be barred from the Rapier list for a period of 6 months to reflect on the dangers his actions have presented to his fellow fighters.
b- Lots of new fighters and lots of interest online in rapier fighting. We need gorgets and larger coats. The coats we have are good for size large and smaller but have difficulty properly fitting larger framed bodies.
c- Domesday is coming up this quarter. I like to think I stayed on top of making sure everyone’s waiver was up to date when the Middle Kingdom website and database was transitioning to the current system. However, I will be having everyone re-sign their waivers, both so I have an accurate list of who is actually attending Fenix practices, and to triple ensure that no one fell through the gaps.

A&S: Not in attendance

a- Newsletter will be published this month so please send any stories or pictures from Pennsic, or any A&S you wish to have featured in the newsletter. Please have submissions to me by the 20th.
b- Officers, please have your letters to me by the 25th for newsletter publication


II- Old Business
a- Molly Malone’s menu to be posted soon for day before Thanksgiving gathering.
b- Plan to go through Archival paperwork on a Sunday in October. Date tbd and announced
c- Gabriel will be stepping down as Rapier Marshal on Domesday. While the position is not required for a barony, they are needed to run an official practice.

III- New Business:
a- Looking to open Fenix camp at Pennsic to more of South Oaken, especially with new baron and baroness of Flame associated with a household.
b- Seneschal going to work on an office transition booklet
c- Motion to split heavy and rapier to M/W again with needing to move indoors.
a. Vote passed. Marshals to discuss who fights which day (The rapier fighters in attendance voiced a preference for Monday so they are able to continue to attend. Baron prefers Wednesdays for armored)

IV- Announcements
a- The new Barony of Fenix champions:
a. Armored Champion – Wilhelm von Glier
b. Rapier Champion – Gabriel de Burgh
c. Archery Champion – Reinhold von Glier

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