November 2022 Meeting Notes

Meeting was held November 14, 2022 at 7:30pm

I- Officer Reports

Seneschal: Johann Bohrer von Elsass
a- SCA-rs no more. Looks like trying to replace with a newer version, but not sure what the new process will be yet.
b- Working on Domesday report

Baron/Baroness: Sir Angus von Atzinger and Mistress Melisande de Canonwald
a- Bids for 12th Night being presented today
b- Need bids for May Day. Looking at sites
c- RUM this past weekend
d- Report was in before Coronation
e- Gave an award of Baroness’s Favor to person who put on ComicExpo Demo

Exchequer: Hypathia of Inish mor
a- Have not received current month report yet
b- Former exchequer going to bank to get statement. Est of $2150 in bank currently. Still need to pay for porta-potty

Chronicler: Roisin de Burgh
a- Found many of the past years (prior-2020) meeting notes and newsletters that were posted on the old website. They have been saved to the Chronicler Google Drive

A&S: Francis Howard
a- Not in attendance
b- Looking for next A&S date, probably after Thanksgiving

Chatelaine: Gabriel de Burgh
a- Domesday in on time
b- Looking at Comiccon demo next year

Herald: Reinhold von Glier
a- Not in attendance
b- Report in on time

Quartermaster: Roisin de Burgh
a- In attendance

Social Media: Amaranth Wolfbane
a- Not in attendance

Web minister:
a- Form for online award recommendations still in process

Armored/Heavy Marshal: Onund Ullrson
a- Not in attendance
b- Domesday due in Dec. New form which is a lot easier.

Rapier Marshal: Gabriel de Burgh
a- Domesday in on time. Love the new form
b- Stepping down as Rapier Marshal today now that Domesday report is in.

Youth Martial Marshal: Reinhold von Glier
a- Not in attendance

Archery Marshal: Office vacant
Equestrian Marshal: Office vacant
Thrown Weapons Marshal: Office vacant

II- Old Business
a- Archival paperwork meeting tbd still
b- Seneschal still working on office transition booklet
c- Still looking for possible replacement of group Rapier marshal
d- Thanksgiving gathering not happening this year

III- New Business:
a- Event Bid for 12th night
a. Potluck feast, socializing, peaceful champions
b. Site is Mt Carmel Social Club, used in past. Has a kitchen and cash bar
c. Site was excited to hear from us!
d. $500 cost, $200 deposite
e. Breakeven is $62 people
f. Bid accepted

IV- Announcements
a- No more indoor Wednesday fight practices due to site requesting us to move it to Mondays only.

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