December 2022 Meeting Notes

Meeting was held December 12 at 7:30 pm

I- Officer Reports

Seneschal: Johann Bohrer von Elsass
a- Opening of meeting

Baron/Baroness: Sir Angus von Atzinger and Mistress Melisande de Canonwald
a- 12th Night is coming up rapidly. Putting together a court list, please send in recommendations. Potluck list is being put together, link on sites. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
b- Report in on time to TRM

Exchequer: Hypathia of Inish mor Not in attendance
a- $2508.30 in account
b- No movement from bank information from previous exchequer to current

Chronicler: Roisin de Burgh
a- Newsletter at the end of month. With the holiday coming up, please have submissions and letters to me by the 21st.

A&S: Francis Howard Not in attendance
a- A&S will resume in January. Happy holidays!

Chatelaine: Gabriel de Burgh
a- Domesday in on time, lots of new people at practice.

Herald: Reinhold von Glier Not in attendance
a- Roisin was awarded a Purple Fret at Christmas Tourney!

Quartermaster: Roisin de Burgh

Social Media: Amaranth Wolfbane Not in attendance

Web minister:
a- Website updated with 12th Night information, found under Baronial Calendar section

Armored/Heavy Marshal: Onund Ullrson Not in attendance
a- Report in on time
b- Nothing new to report
c- Need loaner gear

Youth Martial Marshal: Reinhold von Glier Not in attendance

Signet: Office vacant
Rapier Marshal: Office vacant
Archery Marshal: Office vacant
Equestrian Marshal: Office vacant
Thrown Weapons Marshal: Office vacant

II- Old Business
a- Archival paperwork meeting tbd still, looking at January
b- Seneschal still working on office transition booklet
c- 12th Night
a. No bartender, but allowing BYOB
b. Catering boxes to keep stuff
c. A&S champion and officer working on competition
d. Schedule will be posted on website and Facebook site
e. Last name A-G main course item, H-O sides/appetizer, P-Z bread or dessert. Google Sign-up sheet on website and Facebook event site
f. Bring a lunch
g. Bring games to play

III- New Business:
a- Doc is trying to rehome large serving ware. To be stored at Quartermaster’s house, but needs help with organizing
b- We got a letter from the archer general. Midrealm doesn’t like to be beat by East. Looking for recruitment. Rules to change to allow combat archery as main authorization and without sponsorship.
c- May Day event still looking at site, looks like we have an auto-crat and deputy auto-crat
d- Talked with Excellencies of Flame and they have been invited to join Fenix Pennsic camp and become a South Oaken camp

IV- Announcements
a- Today is Gabriel de Burgh’s birthday and they brought cake.

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