January 2023 Meeting Notes

Meeting was held January 9 at 7:30 pm

I- Officer Reports

Seneschal: Johann Bohrer von Elsass
a- Report went in on time

Baron/Baroness: Sir Angus von Atzinger and Mistress Melisande de Canonwald
a- 12th Night was a huge success! Did not have to pay deposit. Cleaned up better than when arrived. Already discussing doing this again next year.
b- Camp Michaels finally talked to us about a tour, potentially on Sunday afternoon (the 15th)
c- Pennsic pre-reg is open. Fenix has opened itself to all of South Oaken. Please let Baron Angus know asap if you want to camp with us.
d- Flaming Gryphon is having their yearly yardsale at 12th Night this year

Exchequer: Hypathia of Inish mor
a- ~$8 less than last month? 1989.86?
b- Broke even on cost for 12th Night
c- Baroness plans to meet with the bank tomorrow to set up meeting so we can eliminate the $8/month charge
d- Looking for a Deputy, asap, so we can avoid a repeat of the account kerfuffle

Chronicler: Roisin de Burgh Not in attendance
a- Report in on time. We are using a new form for Chroniclers quarterly report
b- Thanks to those who have submitted for our “Meet the Barony” section of the newsletter. I encourage everyone who wants to be included to fill out the form. I want new members and veteran members to feature.

A&S: Francis Howard Not in attendance
a- We will resume A&S days when I am recovered

Chatelaine: Gabriel de Burgh
a- We have even more new people! We have reached a point where you can’t turn around without bumping into someone new just about. Once our A&S officer has recovered from The Ick, I will be getting with her to talk about future A&S Plans so we can help get some of our new people started down whichever A&S pursuits they may be interested in.

Herald: Reinhold von Glier Not in attendance
a- Report went in a few days late

Quartermaster: Roisin de Burgh Not in attendance
a- I am redoing our list of loaner gear and garb.
b- I am planning on having a day where the marshals who hold the loaner gear bring the stuff over and we review and update the lists. And then we will go though the garb as well

Social Media: Amaranth Wolfbane Not in attendance

Web minister:
a- Website is being kept updated with newsletters and meeting notes. New champions will be added shortly.

Armored/Heavy Marshal: Onund Ullrson Not in attendance

Youth Martial Marshal: Reinhold von Glier Not in attendance

Archery Marshal: Office vacant
a- Will be having re-acquaintance meetings, all marshals will be required to attend

Signet: Office vacant
Rapier Marshal: Office vacant
Equestrian Marshal: Office vacant
Thrown Weapons Marshal: Office vacant

II- Old Business
a- Archival paperwork meeting tbd still, looking at February
b- Seneschal still working on office transition booklet
c- May Day event still looking at site, looks like we have an auto-crat and deputy auto-crat
a. Possible tour on the 15th

III- New Business:
a- Thanksgiving? Start looking for locations, accepting suggestions.

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