June 2024 Meeting Notes

Meeting was held June 10th at 7:30pm

I- Officer Reports

Seneschal: Deor Leodegar
a. Nothing to report

Baron/Baroness: Reinhold von Glier and Lynne Fairchild not in attendance
a. Recorded a video since on vacation
b. North Oaken War Maneuvers had a great showing from Fenix
c. Next South Oaken event is Push for Pennsic in mid-July
d. Please get pre-reg in for Pennsic by the 14th if you will be camping with the Barony
e. Please reach out to us if you need anything, but please not after 10pm or before 7am unless it’s an emergency
f. May Day wrap up (see Old Business)

Exchequer: Wilhelm von Glier
a. Amount in the bank is $
b. Wilhelm is interim until we find a replacement. NEED a new exchequer
c. May Day numbers:
a. 136 adults 7 children 3 young children
b. $455 from lunch tavern gross
c. $1300 after expenses

Chronicler: Roisin de Burgh
a. Newsletter will be out at the end of this month. Officers, please send in your letters by June 21st. Please reach out if you plan to have a letter but need extra time
b. Any articles or submissions for the newsletter should be sent to the chronicler by 21st.

A&S: CuMhara O’Holyhead not in attendance
a. Has email access and can do reports now (Kingdom MOAS is happy)

Chatelaine: Reinhold von Gliernot in attendance
Chatelaine Deputy: Luzia de la Salamanca
a. Reminder about the upcoming demo on June 15 and 16th at the Fairy Tale Festival (more info under Old Business)
b. Sharonville Library potential demo on June 30th (under New Business)
c. Next quarterly report is due in July

Herald: Gabriel de Burgh
a. Project underway to collect award information for past Baronial award recipients. There is a post on Facebook to list your SCA name, award, date and event it was received. Or send to [email protected]
b. Still attempting to get access to heralds email

Quartermaster: Roisin de Burgh

Social Media: Amaranth Wolfbane not in attendance

Web minister:
a. Website has had a page added for Baronial Championships, under Baronial Calendar
b. Do not have an official webminister. Roisin and Melisande stepped in but were never voted into office. Moved to New Business

Armored/Heavy Marshal: Dorian Drumheller
a. Report went in (unsure if on time, but it’s in)

Rapier Marshal: Gabriel de Burgh
a. Nothing to report

Signet: Office vacant
Archery Marshal: Office vacant
Equestrian Marshal: Office vacant
Thrown Weapons Marshal: Office vacant
Youth Martial Marshal: Office vacant

II- Old Business
a- Demo coming up at Glenwood Gardens
—a. Saturday, June 15, 2024 from 9:30-3:30pm and Sunday, June 16, 2024 from 12-4pm.
—b. Exhibitors and entertainers do not need tickets
—c. Baroness Lynne updated info to the Facebook event page like where to park and such.
—d. Sunday looks to be hot so we will be watching heat index
b- 2025 Fenix 12th night – Jan 11th, 2025
—a. The event site for Twelfth Night has been paid.
—b. More details to follow per Hengist
c- RUM Bid for Nov 9th.
—a. Fenix’s RUM bid has been approved!
—b. Need set up help, tear down help, gate people, general help through the day, lunch tavern. Will put out a list of what is needed. Most will be run by Kingdom.
—c. Meeting tomorrow with Kingdom to have a better idea of what is needed
d- May Day wrap-up (Notes from Reinhold and Lynne)
—a. We had a nice turnout! Received lots of compliments on how relaxing the day was, how pretty the surrounding area of the site was, etc.
—b. The check to Camp Michaels was mailed out on June 4th to pay the remaining balance due for renting the site.
—c. Thrown Weapons was set up in the wrong area and unfortunately forgotten. Better options for it next time.
—d. We can possibly offer camping next year?
—e. From autocrats, we did not ask for enough to people to help with cleanup. We had a lot left to do. Thank you for you Gabriel, Derek (Alex’s dad) and Jonathan for staying to help clean up
—f. Parking was great. Plenty of room, no issues.
—g. Want to look at this site for other kingdom events possible (not Crown)
—h. We were asked “Why no feast?”. We’re in a transitional phase. If interested, please contact Baron Reinhold and Baroness Lynne. Seems to be a lot of interest for it from attendees
—i. With the threat of rain, people descended on the hall and the tail end of the class there. That was not fair to Camilla and we will be careful not to schedule classes so close to court for future May Day events
e- Need to get cash box for donations for Barony
—a. Paypal donation option requires working with Kingdom
f- Baronial Championships at Arboretum (Sunday, August 25, 2024)
—a. There may be non-SCA people around, as it is a public park. Central Park is a 121 acre park with 2.35 miles of paved trails. It has a children’s garden, wetlands, and the Arboretum. There is a restroom building, along with grills and electricity at the shelter. No alcoholic beverages are allowed. No open fire except in designated areas. Any dog must be on a leash at all times. No discharging of any firearms. No riding a horse in the park…. there are other rules, but I think our group can handle themselves (like no ice fishing, no skateboarding on surfaced courts, don’t cut down trees or flowers, no overnight camping, etc) And litter shall be disposed in trash containers only.
—b. More information will be coming out shortly. Thoughts on doing a potluck for lunch / dinner?
——i. Voting – approves of potluck
g- Pennsic
—a. If you’re going to Pennsic this year and would like to camp with the Barony of Fenix, then please reach out to Baroness Baron Reinhold von Glier. Tent dimensions with ropes, arrival time and departure, and any other pertinent information should be sent to: [email protected]
—b. It’s $30 per adult and $15 per child camp fee. You must have pre-registration with Pennsic to camp with the Barony.
—c. Currently, we have 7 people registered to camp with the Barony.
h- Practices at Pioneer Park
—a. 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month. Dorian will aim to be there the 1st Tuesday of the month.

III- New Business:
a. The Sharonville Library has approached us about doing another demo for them on June 30th from 1-4
—a. Motion passes!
b. Time to start thinking about Pre-Thanksgiving, which is 5 months away. Where to hold it?
—a. Suggestions for Element Eatery and Factory 52
c. Discuss or Vote on Webminister for office next month
d. Dagun, a former Fenix member, has asked about a local archery practice. Found a few options for a free, open practice site; one in Mason, Ohio and one in Crittenden, KY. Something to discuss with the group to happen after Pennsic (Noted from video, not discussed at the meeting this month)

IV- Announcements
a. The new Heirs of the Middle Kingdom are Prince Kilian Fendrich and Princess Jalida al-Hasannah,
b. Fenix has a new Baron and Baroness!
c. The new archery champion is CuMhara O’Holyhead
d. Celebration of life for Ariyana Dragonwagon on June 29th at 12pm at Ohio Renfaire grounds. Event info is shared on Facebook. This not an SCA event, but Ariyana was a SCAdian.