May Day Martial Tournaments

Armored Combat Marshal in Charge: Hengist Hawardessune

Armored Schedule

11am – Armored Combat authorizations and inspections
11:30am – Holmgang tournament

Belted and Unbelted Champions Practice will be held

Rapier Marshal in Charge: Gabriel de Burgh

Rapier Schedule

9:30am – Rapier inspections and authorization
10:30am (or at TRM’s pleasure) – Break for Morning Court
11am – Rapier Novice Tourney and C&T
1:30pm – Rapier melee drills
3pm – Open for pickups
4pm – Rapier List closes

Archery Marshal in Charge: Deor Leodegar

Archery Schedule

11am – 4pm Open Shoot

Thrown Weapons Marshal in Charge: Eirik the Elder

Thrown Weapons Schedule

10am – Opens
4 pm – Closes