Baronial Officers

Baron and Baroness (Group Leaders)

Sir Angus von Atzinger – [email protected]
Mistress Melisande de Canonwald – [email protected]

Seneschal (Group President) – Fenix.seneschal@fenix

Johann Bohrer von Elsass

Exchequer (Financial Officer) – [email protected]

Hypathia of Inish mor

Chatelaine (New Member Assistance) – Fenix.chatelaine@fenix

Gabriel de Burgh

Chronicler (Newsletter editor) – [email protected]

Roisin de Burgh

Heraldic Pursuivant (Names and Heraldry) – [email protected]

Reinhold von Glier

Minister of Arts & Sciences[email protected]

Francis Howard

Knight’s Marshal (Armored Combat Safety Officer) – [email protected]

Onund Ullrson

Marshal of Fence (Rapier Combat Safety Officer) – [email protected]

**Officer Needed**

Equestrian Marshal

**Officer Needed**

Captain of Archers

**Officer Needed**

Thrown Weapons Marshal

**Officer Needed**

Social Media (Websites)

Amaranth Wolfbane

Web Minister (Website) – [email protected]

Thorfinn Bearbrother