Baronial Officers

Baron and Baroness (Group Leaders)

Sir Angus von Atzinger and Mistress Melisande de Canonwald

Seneschal (Group President)

Johann Bohrer von Elsass

Exchequer (Financial Officer)

Alannus de Bannockburn

Chatelaine (New Member Assistance)

Lord Gabriel de Burgh

Chronicler (Newsletter editor)

Lady Roisin de Burgh

Heraldic Pursuivant (Names and Heraldry)

Reinhold von Glier

Minister of Arts & Sciences

Francis Byron

Knight’s Marshal (Armored Combat Safety Officer)

Baron Hengist Hawardessune

Marshal of Fence (Rapier Combat Safety Officer)

Lord Gabriel DeBurgh

Equestrian Marshal

**Officer Needed**

Captain of Archers

**Officer Needed**

Thrown Weapons Marshal

**Officer Needed**

Web Minister (Website)

Sir Thorfinn Bearbrother