Pennsic War Website:

If you’re going to Pennsic this year and would like to camp with the Barony of Fenix, then please reach out to THL Reinhold von Glier.
Fenix’s camp has a shower with hot water and flat land to camp on.
It’s $30 per adult and $15 per child camp fee (to help cover the cost of the propane for the shower). This is separate from the Pennsic registration rates.
Tent dimensions with ropes, arrival time and departure, and any other pertinent information should be sent to: [email protected]
Mail-in registration ends on May 31, 2024 and paid online registration ends on June 14, 2024. You must be have a paid pre-registration to camp with the Barony.

Registration BeginsJan 7, 202410:00am EST
Registration Ends (Mail-in)May 31, 202411:59pm EDT
Registration Ends (Online – Paid)Jun 14, 202411:59pm EDT
Registration Ends (Online – Unpaid)Jul 4, 202411:59pm EDT
Pennsic BeginsJul 26, 20249:00am EDT
Pennsic EndsAug 11, 202412:00pm EDT
Troll OpensJul 26, 20249:00am EDT
Troll ClosesAug 7, 202410:00pm EDT
Refund Request EndsJun 14, 202411:59pm EDT
RV Camping Registration EndsJun 14, 202411:59pm EDT
Pennsic Trailer Early Placement Sign-up EndsJun 14, 202411:59pm EDT

Pennsic Rates

  • Adult 2 Weeks gate fee is $265.00.
  • Adult 2 Weeks preregistration deposit is $230.00.
  • Adult 1 Week gate fee is $225.00.
  • Adult 1 Week preregistration deposit is $190.00.
  • Minor preregistration/gate fee is $0.00.