February 2022 Meeting Notes

Meeting was held February 08, 2022 via Zoom

I- Officer Reports

a- Report in on time

Exchequer: Not in attendance

a- Send officer reports to other group officers and baron/baroness and to keep all in the loop
b- Looking for land agent for Pennsic

Archery Marshal: Officer needed

Heavy: Not in attendance

a- Nothing to report
b- Had a heraldry request, but help needed was above my pay grade. Please still send requests for help needed

a- Report in late
b- No fighting yet so nothing to report

a- A&S Meetups good. Next one on the 19th
b- Need help with officer report.
c- RUM this weekend!

a- Reminder that end of next month is a newsletter and I will be asking for officer letters next month so start thinking about those.

a- Nothing new to report

a- Report in on time
b- Need access to Chatelaine email

II- Old Business
a- KY Covid rates down. Marshals to discuss if/when they want to resume practices. Decision to be posted on Facebook
b- MayDay, still looking for bids. Need SOON!
c- New seneschal election! Johan to be elected. Vote passed!

III- New Business:
a- Baron and Baroness want to say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all of our officers
b- Hengist is seeking replacement as Heavy Marshal

IV- Announcements

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