June 2023 Meeting Notes

Meeting was held in-person June 12, 2023

I- Officer Reports

Seneschal: Johann Bohrer von Elsass
a- May have a deputy: Deor

Baron/Baroness: Sir Angus von Atzinger and Mistress Melisande de Canonwald
a- Pennsic pre-reg extended to the 16th. If camping with the barony, send Baron Angus your tent size

Exchequer: Hypathia of Inish mor Not in attendance

Chronicler: Roisin de Burgh
a- Need letters for the newsletter by the 25th, as well as any other submissions

A&S: Francis Howard Not in attendance
a- Nothing to report

Chatelaine: Gabriel de Burgh
a- Nothing to report

Herald: Reinhold von Glier Not in attendance
a- Nothing to report

Quartermaster: Roisin de Burgh

Social Media: Amaranth Wolfbane Not in attendance

Web minister: Baroness Melisande and Roisin de Burgh

Armored/Heavy Marshal: Onund Ullrson
a- Report went in on time
b- We have fighters

Youth Martial Marshal: Reinhold von Glier Not in attendance
a- Nothing to report

Rapier Marshal: Office vacant
Rapier marshals need to re-up their authorization so says regional marshal

Signet: Office vacant
Archery Marshal: Office vacant
Equestrian Marshal: Office vacant
Thrown Weapons Marshal: Office vacant

II- Old Business
a- Chatelaine is planning for day to make loaner gorgets for new members
b- May Day went well
c- Proposal for practices to be held at Pioneer Park in Kentucky
a. Poll on Facebook with 3 options: Practices moved every Monday, Practices moved alternating Mondays, Additional practice during the week

III- New Business:
a- Lawson started a Discord server for the barony, most young folk don’t have Facebook
b- Lawson suggests posting sign on practice field for passersby to encourage them to interact, Roisin suggests QR code on sign
c- Vote on practices in Pioneer Park: pushed to next month
d- 12th Night: Baroness reached out to site from last 12th Night, available Jan 6 2024, price has gone up from $500 to $800, Baroness proposes collecting donations

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