May 2022 Meeting Notes

I- Officer Reports


a- Change of officer and now warranted
b- Updating contacts with bank. Will find out process to see if it can be done at regional banks instead of all at once.
c- Quarterly report went in
d- $2974.30 in bank account
e- We can do all transaction electronic and save the $8 paper statement fee
f- Signatures will be Exchequer, Seneschal, and Roisin de Burgh.

a- Award recommendations need to be done 4 weeks out per their Majesties
b- Lots of business done at Coronation
c- Financial Committee meeting soon for event bids. Two possible locations for rescheduled May Day
d- Do we want to return to in-person meetings? To be discussed with New Business

Heavy: Not in attendance

a- Report in on time.
b- Kope being awarded Peerage of Pelican
c- Orn being award Peerage of Pelican

a- Report in on time
b- Looking for replacement for Rapier Marshal. Willing to stay on till Domesday if needed
c- Attendance low at practice so moving to every other week so marshal can attend other group practices.

A&S: Not in attendance, report sent to Chronicler
a- A&S Craft Day on May 21st at Boone County Library. Details on Facebook and Website Calendar

a- Newsletter is end of next month. A&S themed so will be reaching out to request project pictures.

a- Report in on time. On the 22nd group practice with local foam fighter group at local park. Flaming Gryphon is relocating their Sunday practice that week to the same park and attend.

a – No Youth activities yet. Schedule freeing up in 2-ish weeks. Hoping to have youth practices once a month.
b – Youth Tourney at Grand Tournament of the Dragon

II- Old Business
a- May Day reschedule – looking at Sept or Oct dates instead.
b- Pennsic: Same land as 2019
c- Discussing archival paperwork at next meeting

III- New Business:
a- Do we want to move meetings back to in-person? Facebook post to get comments and to be voted on next month
b- Do we want to move back to joint practices? Facebook post to get comments and to be voted on next month
c- Seneschal to see if we can keep a record of officer logins for email and ramifications
d- Loaner gear is not able to stored at practice location currently. What do we want to do?
a. See if Amaranth will reach out to director and ask if we can store stuff there again

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